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Valuable Comprehensive Kidney Care

Medicare patients now have more support to protect their kidney health.

Medicare has designed a complete kidney care program, Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC), that gives patients access to new services and resources in personalized care, wellness, and clinical support.

As a patient of East Bay Nephrology Medical Group you are part of this new program that will bring you more tools to help you better manage your health. East Bay Nephrology Medical Group, along with multiple large Nephrology practices in Northern California, have partnered with Village Health to create Integrated Kidney Care of Northern California, your personal care team, to bring you these services:

  •  A Dedicated Team to help you manage all aspects of your care to stay healthy.
  •  Personalized Support to provide custom care plans for your needs.
  •  Clinical Services to help you manage chronic conditions and your medications, advance care planning, and post-discharge follow-up.
  •  Wellness Services including health screenings, kidney disease and treatment education, in addition to annual wellness visits.
  •  Resource Support Services to answer your questions that come up between care visit, help with coordinating social services, and enhanced Telehealth access.

Keep an eye out for your IKC Welcome Packet and Notice to Patients in the mail.

Please review these materials as soon as you receive them.

SIGN and RETURN your consent forms within 30 days to begin receiving new, personalized health services.

Please take a few moments to complete the PAM questionnaire, and the Health Questionnaire, helping your care team to provide you the best care possible.


Call your Village Health care team at 1-800-767-0063 Monday to Friday 7am-7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)