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Dialysis Access Services

Our Services:

  •  De-clotting of the dialysis graft/fistula
  •  Angiogram the dialysis graft/fistula to detect any problem
  •  Angioplasty of the dialysis graft/fistula
  •  Stent Placement
  •  Catheter placement for Dialysis patients, both hemodialysis and peritoneal
  •  Catheter Removal
  •  Ultrasound of Dialysis fistula/graft
  •  Vein Mapping to plan a fistula

For more information,
please refer to our Dialysis Access Center Website.

DAC, Inc. is dedicated to improving dialysis access care and patient's quality of life by rapid delivery of dialysis access care through maximizing access life and minimizing complications as an alternative to hospitalization.

Our vision is to operate a Center which is designed for the safe and efficient management of Dialysis Access treatments which are appropriate to the ambulatory setting. To develop a professional staff which epitomizes the opportunities offered in the ambulatory setting for the provision of efficient, economical, and effective patient/client centered care.

We value our experienced interventional nephrologists and clinical staff. We value our patient relationships. We examine ways to reduce health care costs by case study and utilization review. We assess patient satisfaction with the services provided through an active, integrated, peer based quality improvement program.

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