Quality, comprehensive care — delivered with respect and compassion

Why Choose US?

EBNMG is made up of the highest caliber health care providers. All EBNMG nephrologists are Board certified in Nephrology and many have additional training/certification. This additional expertise directly benefits the patients and provides superior care. Our providers are available to manage any difficult to manage kidney related issues.


The EBNMG team strives to provide a professional and trusted bond by creating an everlasting relationship between our providers, the patient and the referring primary care physician. We encourage a team approach to management of kidney disease and its complications with contributions by all team members. The EBNMG team provides proactive and timely communication to the patient and their primary care physician after each visit. Our goal is to keep everyone informed of the changes made to the treatment plan.


Office visits are designed to ensure that each patient gets the personal attention and care they deserve. EBNMG offers numerous education classes to patients and their families so that they can understand the kidney disease process, nutrition, various dialysis options and learn about kidney transplant.


We are one of the largest nephrology practices in the East Bay Area with convenient access to nephrology services. At East Bay Nephrology we make every effort to pursue the following practice model to achieve our mission in practice of Nephrology:


Access to Care & Information
• Same-day appointment clinics
• On-call access coverage
• Online Accessible patient and lab info 
• Online patient services 
• Group visits (CKD Education)
• Culturally appropriate care


Practice-Based Services
• Comprehensive care for both acute & chronic kidney conditions
• Prevention screening and services
• Vaccination services

• Ancillary Anemia Management Services

• Wellness promotion



 Disease Management
• Population care and management
• CKD Clinics with CKD plans

• HTN Clinic and medication management

• Dialysis Access Center care
• Patient engagement and education
• Leverage automated technologies


Health Information Technology
• Electronic health record
• Electronic prescribing
• Electronic orders and reporting

• Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support
• Population registries reporting
• Practice Web site
• Patient portal



Care Coordination
• Collaborative relationships with other providers

Transitional Care Management post Hospitalization

• Effective use of Community-based resources
• Emergency room kidney care
• Hospital kidney care
• Specialist care when needed


Quality and Safety
• Evidence-based best practices
• Medication management and Reconciliation
• Patient satisfaction feedback
• Clinical outcomes analysis
• Quality improvement and reporting
• Risk management
• Regulatory compliance



 Practice Management
• Disciplined financial management
• Revenue enhancement
• Cost-Benefit decision-making
• Optimized coding & billing
• Personnel/HR management
• Facilities management
• Optimized office design/redesign
• Change management



Practice-Based Team Care
• Provider leadership
• Shared mission and vision
• Effective communication
• Effective Nurse Practitioner Use

• Effective Physician Assistant Use

• Highly Trained Office Medical Assistants
• Patient Participation
• Family involvement options